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Code Of Ethics

This Code applies to all categories of Association of Sewing and Design Professionals (ASDP) members. The Code is designed to guide members in the ethical conduct of business.

The Association of Sewing and Design Professionals is more than a club for men and women who sew for profit. ASDP membership signifies that we, individually and collectively, are dedicated to excellence in all of our endeavors.

Our organizational reputation depends on every person in the Association. Each member sets an example, one way or another, for every other member.

ASDP standards and practices, as outlined in our Standards of Quality clearly illustrate our commitment to high levels of technical performance. The Code of Ethics demonstrates our commitment to equally high standards for ethical business conduct. The Code provides to the public, clients and other sewing professionals clear evidence that ASDP members are dedicated to professionalism. The Code of Ethics expresses a commonly held set of values that clearly differentiate us from those who do not have the benefits of membership.

1.0 Responsibility To The Public

1.1 Members shall comply with all existing laws, regulations and codes governing business practices established by the federal government, state, community or other governing body where they conduct business.

1.2 Members shall at all times consider the health, safety and welfare of the public in their conduct of business.

1.3 Members shall not engage in any form of false or misleading advertising or marketing and shall not imply through advertising or other means that contractors or employees are qualified sewing professionals unless such is the fact.

1.4 Members shall not assist or abet improper or illegal conduct of anyone in connection with a project.

2.0 Responsibility To The Client

2.1 Members' contracts with a client shall clearly set forth the scope and nature of the project involved, the services to be performed and the method of compensation for those services.

2.2 Members may offer professional services to a client for any form of legal compensation.

2.3 Members shall not undertake any professional responsibility unless they are, by training and experience, competent to adequately perform the work required.

2.4 Members shall not divulge any confidential information about the client or the client's project, or use photographs or project specifications without the express permission of the client, with an exception for photographs, specifications or drawings over which the designer retains proprietary rights.

2.5 Members shall be candid and truthful in all professional communications.

2.6 Members shall act with fiscal responsibility in the best interest of their clients and shall maintain sound business relationships with suppliers and contractors to ensure the best possible outcome for the client.

2.7 Members shall stand behind the quality of their products and service through clearly communicated and mutually agreed upon performance standards.

3.0 Responsibility To Other Sewing Professionals And Members

3.1 Members shall not interfere with the performance of another professional's contractual or professional relationship with a client.

3.2 Members shall not initiate, or participate in, any discussion or activity which might result in an unjust injury to another sewing professional's reputation or business.

3.3 Members shall only take credit for work that has actually been created by that Member or the Member's employees, and under the Member's supervision.

3.4 Members should respect the confidentiality of sensitive information obtained from clients or others in the course of their professional activities.

4.0 Responsibility To The Profession

4.1 Members agree to maintain standards of professional and personal conduct that will positively reflect the Association and the profession.

4.2 Members shall seek to continually upgrade their professional knowledge and competency.

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